How to Backup Yahoo Mail in a quick way

There are so many reasons due to which you will need to backup your Yahoo account, you might wish to sort through o0r share information that was in it offline, or just want additional security, in case of the account getting compromised in one way or another. Possibly you want to migrate your correspondence to another platform completely and want to take all your old emails with you. Might be you just want to get said account in order and get rid of a heap of mock emails that keep cluttering it, but at the same, you don’t want to lose potentially valuable correspondence permanently. Whatever the reason might, you find yourself in requirement of a digital copy of your Yahoo email correspondence and you are lucky.Export your Yahoo contacts:If you want to export just your Yahoo Mail Backup contacts, there is a quick and simple way to do that, you will need to,• Login to your Yahoo mail and go to the “Contacts” menu option
• Now choose “Tools” and click on “Export”
• You will now be provide…

Yahoo Tricks And Tips For Better Email Experience

It is been a tough year for Yahoo Mail. Late Last year, the service had an outage affecting across 1% of its users, but it lasted various days and was bad enough that the CEO had to make a public apology. A month later, hackers hit the service tough and force the company to reset a lot of the user passwords. It has to shut down the Chins version of Yahoo Mail and that is a lot of the customers. In addition, many customers are in the throes of another outage at press time because of severed undersea cable. Let’s have a look at the tips and tricks for yahoo mail and use it for your better email experience.1. Take on the Boss ModeOn the desktop browser, appears in the lower-left corner of the Yahoo Mail screen, sits a small icon that looks like a mountain in a box. You don’t have to even click it, you will need to hover the cursor over it to enter the Yahoo Mail boss mode. The purpose is two-fold, to quickly hide what you are reading from prying eyes, like those of your boss, and to acce…

How To Remove Blocked Emails From Yahoo?

If you have been using Yahoo email account then, in that case, you might have received emails like referral spam, and fake advertisement offers, etc. So to overcome such things, you will need to block the email address immediately from your mail account. Blocking someone is not all time taking process just needed a few simple steps. The blocking feature will filter such email senders away from your inbox; you will not receive any message from them. It’ll be blocked by Yahoo to interrupt in your Inbox. Call on Yahoo Support Number to get any assistance from the technical experts.The advantage of blocking an email addressNot a single email will come off a certain person after blocking him or her from your Yahoo mail account so let’s move ahead and check the right strategy block and unblock email address in Yahoo mailBlock Email AddressA technique to block an email address in Yahoo MailInitially, you need to go to then, you can use the link or type the URL into a Web BrowserAnd…

How To Print An Email In Yahoo

Yahoo mail comes with a printing facility from where you can print any document, photo, or attachment you want to. Yahoo comes with outstanding features that enhance the experience of the user. In this guide, we will discuss some outstanding ways to conduct the printing task from the Yahoo Mail Printfeature.Printing Messages from Yahoo Mail:Follow the given steps to print a specific email or complete conversation from Yahoo MailIn your web browser of choice, just open the Yahoo Mail message which you want to print outNow, choose the Print icon that appears in the top-right side in the email or you also can select Print appears under the ‘More’ menuMake any changes to the print settings you will see on the screen like what Pages to print, the Layout, How many copies, Paper size and many moreChoose Print when you are ready to print the emailPrinting from Yahoo Mail Basic:To print a message when you are viewing emails in Yahoo Mail BasicIn your web browser of choice, open the Yahoo Mail …

Quick Steps To Backup Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo mail not only easy to operate but it also has some outstanding features which lure you to use this email service for personal or professional purpose. If you use Yahoo’s email service for your business, baking up your email is important so that you don’t lose important contacts or other information. It is very important to save your email in the event you decide to close your Yahoo Mail account at some future date. Yahoo Mail Accountdoesn’t offer a clear way to do the backup, but you can also use different workarounds which include dragging and dropping messages, forwarding Yahoo emails to another address, or settings up POP mail retrieval.  Whether you have Yahoo Mail plus or Yahoo Mail basic, use the option which best meets your requirements.Method 1- Dragging and DroppingStep 1You will just have to create a folder on your PC where you can store Yahoo messages. Then, right-click on your PC desktop, click on “New” and after that, click on “Folder” appears in the drop-down menu.…

What To Do Yahoo Doesn’t Accept My Phone Number?

Yahoo email service is very much popular among the users when it comes to email exchange also if we look at the technical development of yahoo as compared to other email services then it can be easily concluded that yahoo is way ahead of all, yahoo mail service is not just limited to emails it further provides many added services to the users such as the yahoo messenger has made instant messaging possible and also it is very easy to be used, so except for emails the user can also send messages through yahoo messenger if a more instant reply is needed.Yahoo messenger is just one example of the added features there are many more such similar features that are added to the yahoo mail service, also the service is popular for the efficient expert assistance that is provided by Yahoo to its users whenever a yahoo mail problem is encountered.Creation of a yahoo mail account is a very easy procedure and can be conducted very smoothly but still as there are many technicalities involved therefo…

How Should I Change My Sending Name In Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo email service is very easy to use but still, there are some technical procedures that get tricky for the user to understand and imply on the yahoo mail account, and this happens as there are so many technical advancements associated with the set up of yahoo mail account and all these advancements and features are not very easy for those to understand who are from non-technical backgrounds. The new and advanced technologies have taken yahoo mail account very much ahead of times and now it is not only limited to sending and receiving of Emails the account has much more to it such as one can conduct video calls and can also do an instant exchange of messages with all the people sitting around the globe. All that is required for all this is a yahoo mail account and a strong internet connection. But some of the features associated with the yahoo mail account are a bit tricky for the use of those not from a proper technical background in such a case, one such feature is changing send…